seven inspiring people to follow on instagram

7 Inspiring People To Follow On Instagram

Struggling to be productive? Keep getting distracted by Instagram? Here are seven accounts that will inspire you to work towards your goals!

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I feel like I hear people talking about how awful social media is all the time. However, I believe if you manage it correctly, it can be a force for good! Here are seven Instagram accounts that will light up your feed! These people have achieved amazing things, both in their careers and personal lives.

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1. Gary Vee (@garyvee)

Gary Vaynerchuk is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internet personality. His useful career advice along with his no B.S approach really does improve your mindset!

2. Rosie McCarthy (@badasscareers)

Rosie is an ex corporate HR manager turned career coach. Her aims are to empower people to take ownership of their careers and help them find clarity. Her Instagram’s colourful infographics makes career advice fun! She’s definitely worth a follow.

3. Cindy Eckert (@cindypinkceo)

I’ve been following Cindy’s Instagram account for a while and she’s honestly one of my favorite entrepreneurs. She created Sprout Pharmaceuticals, which was the first company to start producing a treatment for female sexual dysfunction. Her openness about a traditionally taboo topic is incredibly empowering!

She is also the founder of The Pink Ceiling, a venture capital firm that invests in start up businesses run by women.

4. Dr Jane Goodall (@janegoodallinst)

Dr Jane Goodall is one of the most inspiring anthropologists of our time. At just 26, Jane travelled to Tanzania and started her ground-breaking research into chimpanzees. She’s had a 60-year long career of traveling the world to spread awareness about the conservation efforts needed to protect chimpanzees from extinction.

Her adventures and her understanding of these primates makes her an interesting person to keep tabs on!

5. Callum Manning (@cals_book_account)

This is one of my favourite accounts on Instagram. Callum Manning originally started an Instagram to express his love of books. However, when his classmates found out, they started a WhatsApp group to bully the 13 year old.

His sister learned of the group, posted about it on Twitter and it soon went viral. He continues to post about his love of books to his 290k + followers.

6. Rosie Jones (@josierones)

Rosie Jones is an up and coming comedian, actress and writer. She’s appeared on 8 Out of 10 Cats, The Last Leg and more. She has cerebral palsy and is an inspiration for anyone with a disability.

7. Sarah Turney (@voicesforjusticepodcast)

Voices for justice podcast is hosted by Sarah Turney, sister of missing person Alissa Turney. Alissa went missing at age 17 in 2001. The police appeared to have no leads on finding her until, in 2008, her stepfather Michael Turney, was taken into custody.

Sarah Turney has made it her life’s work to get justice for her sister. She tells her haunting story and provides updates on the case in her podcast. The story is constantly developing, and it’s definitely a cause worth getting behind!

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