About Me

Hi! I’m Kate.

I’m not very good at waffle or small talk, so I think I’ll just jump straight in and introduce myself!

I grew up in the weird and wonderful place that is the UK. Throughout my school days, I had this strange feeling that I was wasting my time. Looking back now, I can see that education is important in so many ways, but I just felt like I was floating.

I wanted a passion, something to live for, but it just felt like this abstract, unreachable concept. Still, I left education with good grades.

When I left school, I chose not to go to university. It just didn’t seem sensible because I had no idea what I wanted to do! Instead, I leaped straight into the world of work.

This is where my hunt to find my ‘calling’ began.

My Career

I’ve been a waitress, an events assistant, I’ve worked in libraries and book shops. I’d take every paid or volunteer opportunity that came my way.

The first job that felt significant was working in a recruitment agency. I loved this. I loved the team I worked with. I loved finding people employment when they really needed it. However, it just didn’t feel like enough.

Then, I went to work at a university supporting the catering team. It was an environment where I was doing a little bit of everything; marketing, recruitment, HR, finance, admin etc.

It was around about this time that I found my passion for research and marketing that, nowadays, has taken over my life and made me into a bit of a geek.

The Idea, The Present And The Future

When the COVID-19 lockdown hit the UK, I was furloughed. I spent my days baking cookies and doing yoga with Baz (my dog). Like most people, I spent a lot of time scrolling through social media.

On one of those scrolling sessions, I came across the video that inspired me.

It was produced by one of those big media companies who just spit out huge amounts of content in the hope something will go viral. It was meant to be hacks for women on skincare, career and fashion. There were DIY facemasks, instructions on what length your skirt should be, how low you should wear your top. Don’t wear too much makeup, but don’t wear no makeup. Always smile at your boss, but don’t be too friendly.

In other words, it was complete and utter misogynistic rubbish.

I thought to myself “why don’t I use my passion for research and my professional recruitment experience to combat misinformation aimed towards women?!”.

So, I started honey&watch. All the articles are researched, and I’m careful about what I advertise.  Honey&watch is a one stop shop where women can find trustworthy information. My research into the work of professionals is condensed down into easy to achieve action points.

I’m no professional. I haven’t got a college education or experience being a CEO. I’m just a research geek, that’s irritated with companies using women’s insecurities, ambitions and dreams to sell products that don’t work.

I hope you enjoy what I have planned for honey&watch!

Best wishes,

Kate x