my goal

Changing the definition of success: helping women find their happiness.

The challenges facing young people in the work force today are serious, yet they are so often overlooked by older people. Because of a toxic working culture that expects employees to work long hours and have experience way beyond their age, gen-z and millennials face many challenges in their early careers.

We live in a world full of influencers and companies that push ‘happiness ideals’ upon us. Things like promotions, money, expensive clothes and perfect looks are what so many people now think will give them a ‘perfect life’. This just isn’t true, because one person’s version of happiness will be different to another’s.

Women get shamed if they want children, but they also get shamed if they don’t. Society teaches us to be grateful, but it also teaches us to never stop and think if we are truly, authentically happy. My aim with honey&watch is to help women find happiness in their careers, whatever that might mean for them as individuals.