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About Me

Hi! I’m Kate.

I’m not very good at waffle or small talk, so I think I’ll just jump straight in and introduce myself!

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My goals...

At honey&watch, I provide information based on research. If I’m reviewing a product, you can be sure I have tried it myself or have done extensive research about it. 

I want to help women achieve whatever they define as success by proving trustworthy information and advice. There’s so much pressure nowadays for women to have a successful career, have kids, be a great daughter, be a good sister and so on. I want women to be informed and make choices that prioritise their happiness.


(Creator of honey&watch)

How I Work

My articles focus on three things


1) All of my information is based on research from the work of experts, such as scientists and psychologists. I list my sources as much as I can in my articles. 


2) This information is then condensed down and put across to you, the reader, in the clearest way possible.  All the interesting parts without the waffle!


3) Lastly, I convert the research into achievable action points and short activities that you can implement straight away into everyday life.