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How To Look Professional Whilst Being Comfortable – Five Work Outfit Ideas

Heading back to the office after lockdown? Here are five outfit ideas to help you dress comfortably whilst still looking professional.

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This was my guest post for Boss Babe Chronicles. On their blog you can find lifestyle, personal development and blogging advice – definitely worth a read!

Have you been working from home and enjoyed being able to wear comfy clothes all day long? What if I told you that you could wear those same outfits in the office? All you have to do is switch out just a few items! Read this article to find out how!

Anyone who’s worked in an office can agree – workwear is often so uncomfortable. There is no better feeling than getting home after a long day in the office and taking off that stiff, uncomfortable blazer jacket and heels.

Although some companies have quite relaxed dress codes, we’re always told to dress for the job we want. Even if you’re allowed to wear anything, chances are that you will make a much better impression on your superiors with smart outfits!

Here are five outfit ideas that will have you looking like a boss whilst being super comfy!

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1. Treggings And An Oversized Jumper

This outfit is one of my favorites, as it’s basically leggings and a big hoodie in disguise!

When I first found about what treggings were, it drastically changed how I dressed for work. They have elasticated waists and are basically just dressed up leggings.

I never pair them with a normal top because they are often way too tight to be professional. However, they are perfect when paired with an oversized top or jumper. As long as this jumper doesn’t have any logos or a hood then you can get away with it in most offices!

If treggings aren’t for you, you can always try black, skinny jeans! Depending on how formally you are expected to dress at work, if you cover the top of the jeans with an oversized jumper or top then they can look quite smart.

So, if this outfit is executed correctly, you can pretty much rock up to work in what feels like leggings and a big, snuggly hoodie – amazing!


2. Trousers, A Top And Low Heels

trousers and top outfit ideas
This outfit basically feels like a tracksuit! If you chose soft, breathable materials then you’ll be comfortable at your desk all day long!

You can often find trousers that are pretty much tracksuits disguised as workwear. If you buy some with soft, breathable material and an elasticized waistline, you often can’t feel the difference!

Unlike treggings, they are a bit baggier, so you can pair them with a t shirt. Most shops sell them in a variety of colours; they look cute when paired with a plain t-shirt.

3. Long skirt And A T-shirt

Is there a better feeling than wearing a long, flowy summer dress? Maybe by the pool with an iced drink in your hand. You can take a little bit of this relaxed feeling into the office with you in this outfit!

A long skirt with an elasticated waist is a spring and summer go to.

You can pair it with a cropped jumper, or any sort of t-shirt. The key with this look is the top should be cut off at the waistline to create an hourglass shape. This can be done by a cropped jumper if it’s a bit colder or tucking your t-shirt into the waist band.

As for shoes, if it’s warm enough, a pair of low sandals or pumps will work perfectly! If not, this look can look really quirky with a pair of chunky boots.

4. Jumper Dress

jumper and a skirt outfit idea

Jumper dresses are one of my favorite outfits because it feels like you’re just wrapped in a big blanket all day long!

This outfit can be simple yet look so professional depending on what style you get! There are loads of options out there.

You can find jumper dresses in wool, but be careful, if the knit isn’t tight enough, the dress can be see through and the wind can rip right through it!

This outfit is best on a cold day, so it could be paired with a pair of tights and some boots.

5. T-shirt Dress

In summer, what’s more comfortable than wearing a loose, oversized t-shirt?

What’s great is, t-shirt dresses can look really professional at work if you wear them in the right way! Depending on your office and how formal the dress code is, you can wear them without tights. They look good when paired with a little pair of nude sandals.

Find one that’s a little more boxy and structured, like the ones below. If you’re wearing this without tights, try to find a dress with a higher neckline, this way it will still look professional.

There are so many styles you can get, but often they are oversized, which for me is a must for comfort.

jumper dress outfit idea

Tip: Take Care Of Your Skin

After a long day at work, especially if your office has air conditioning, your skin can end up feeling really dry and uncomfortable.  Makeup will wear off, and you’ll begin to look tired.

At 3pm on a Friday my manager always says that my ‘Friday face’ appears. This is where I’m just ready for the weekend, my makeup has come off and I just look 10 years older than I actually am.

My cure for that ‘Friday face’ is a nice, refreshing face mist! It adds some moisture to my face and gives me a healthy glow! If anything, it gives me 30 seconds to indulge in a little bit of luxury.

My skin feels so much more comfortable and less dry.

Or, if you have oily skin, get some blotting paper! Dabbing this over your face in the afternoon when you’re feeling a little bit oily will take some of that moisture away and leave you feeling refreshed.

Tip: Get The Right Shoes And Boots

Formal footwear can often be so uncomfortable! Personally, I love wearing heels even if that means a little bit of discomfort. However, I’ve found some great tips and tricks to make heels more manageable so I can wear them all day. See my article here.

If you don’t feel like wearing heels, I find that investing in a good quality, comfortable pair of black boots is great as you can wear them with almost anything! You can go for comfort ranges or buy insoles to make them even more comfortable.

If it’s not really the weather for boots, then it’s actually really easy to find a comfortable pair of shoes.

Make sure you go for block, low heels or wedges, as these will be so much easier to walk in!

Also, try and invest in one really good quality pair of shoes. If you don’t, you run the risk of getting shoes that are going to rub and give you blisters – and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than that!


Just because lockdown is over doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little bit of comfort with you as you go back to the office!

Comfort isn’t just out about outfits – taking care of your skin is also just as important! Staying hydrated, adding moisture, or controlling oil will keep you glowing all day long.

Heading back to work after so long in lockdown seems really scary – I know I’m going to feel shy and unsure of myself for the first few days. At least if I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing, then that’s one small thing that will help me feel better!

I’ll be wearing these five looks when I head back to work – if there’s anything lockdown has taught me, it’s that life is too short.

Life is too short to be uncomfortable!

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