The Top 5 Training Courses Recruiters Want To See On Your CV – All Under £25!

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Looking for ways to boost your résumé? A recruiter takes you through their top 5 online courses – all under £25!

E-Learning training courses can boost your CV in more ways than you first expect. As well as giving you an official qualification, the course content can help you answer interview questions, describe your skills and much more.

You might be asking yourself, “Why can’t I just google and research the topics?”. You could, but the likelihood of finding all the correct information employers want you to know is slim. All these training courses are £25 or less, so for that price, you might as well just get the correct, reliable information in one place.

Also, the training courses listed below are certified and approved by official boards that employers will recognise. Sure, you could probably save a fiver and find it somewhere else on the internet but, if you’re spending the money, you’ll want to get the official qualification.

Disclaimer: All prices are subject to change. At time of publication, all prices named in this article were under £25. VAT not included.

Table of Contents

In a digital age, data protection is everything. You’ll have heard the news stories about large companies having data breaches, and that is not the type of press any organization wants.

Most employers will do their data protection training in house, but if you already have it on your CV it could give you an advantage over other candidates. It will show that you are already knowledgeable about how to keep company and client data safe.

Most job descriptions now days will include some sort of data protection phrase. By having data protection training, it will help you answer the interview questions that are based off these parts of the job advert.

As the world heads back to work after lockdown, employers are under massive legal obligations to keep their employees safe.

No employer wants the bad press that comes with a coronavirus outbreak. Having COVID-19 prevention on your CV will help to reassure the employer that you’ll help to keep their company and employees safe.

It also shows that you’re reactive and aware of current events. Having the initiative to go and get this qualification in your spare time shows that you’re organised, which could just give you an edge over the other candidates.

Employers want to see unconscious bias on your CV for two reasons. The first is that any good company will be actively working towards having a good workplace culture. Taking this course under your own initiative will show that you realize the importance of inclusion.

Secondly, many job descriptions will have a phrase about communicating or working with a diverse range of people. Taking this course will teach you the terminology and phrases employers want to hear when they ask you about this aspect of the job.

If you’re struggling to get an interview, this cheap training course can really help to boost your application.

By taking this course, you show that you’re serious about progressing your career. It shows that you’re not afraid to take on extra responsibilities, such as being a first aider.

Some companies will have a policy that a certain percentage of their staff must be Health and Safety trained. For smaller companies, who don’t do this training in house, having this qualification could help to put you ahead of other candidates.


Although past experience and skills are the two most important things you should talk about on your application, online training courses are a great way to fill in any gaps you might have on your CV or résumé.

Disclaimer: All prices are subject to change. At time of publication, all prices named in this article were under £25. VAT not included.

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