What To Do If You Don’t Get The A Level Results You Want

What To Do If You Don’t Get The A Level Results You Want

Are you worried about results day tomorrow? Read our five tips on what to do if your results aren’t what you wanted!

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You can ask your school to check if there were errors made when assigning your grades. This is worth a shot because this grading process has been new for schools, so it’s possible that there were some mistakes.

If there has been a situation that means the judgement of your grade was unfair, you can appeal. This could be a change of leadership in the school, such as a new headmaster, which would show that it was unfair to use the school’s past performance to predict your grade.

Your school or sixth form doesn’t have to say yes to your appeal. If they do say no, there should be a process in which that decision is reviewed by different members of staff.

Definitely talk to your school about this! Remember, they want you to do well because good grades looks good for them as an organisation.

2) Use Your Mocks

This will only be a possibility if your mock results were higher than the score you are given.

This is a process the school will have to support you in, because they’ll need to provide evidence of your mock results.

Read this article for more information.

3) Resit Your Exams

This is another option that you can talk to your school about. If you’re not happy with the results given to you, you can ask to resit your AS and A Level exams when schools resume.

If you get a lower grade in the retake than the one you were given, you can still use the highest grade as the official one.

Speak to your school for more information about organising a resit. 

4) Look Into An Apprenticeship

Find out if it’s possible to do an apprenticeship in the industry you want to go into.

You could do a Level 3 apprenticeship. This is A Level standard, but you get on the job learning which gives you experience in a workplace. This is great for your CV, better than an A Level alone, as it gives you administrative, teamwork and timekeeping skills!

It also gives you the option to perhaps go onto do a higher level, degree equivalent apprenticeship.

Find apprenticeship opportunities here.

5) Improve Your CV

There is always something you can be doing to help your career progression.

You could volunteer, this is great because there’s always charities that need your help. There are so many skills you learn through volunteering that will look great on your CV.

Start a blog about your chosen career subject! Even though you’re not an expert yet, a blog can be a great way of sharing the research that you do. It looks great on job applications, because it shows real passion about the industry you want to work in.

Boosting your CV in these ways will not replace A Levels, but it can put you head and shoulders above other job candidates in the long run.

Click here to read our article on how to write the perfect CV.


Getting your A Level results is always an anxious time, but it’s been made even more scary by the fact that these are predicted grades.

With hard work and perseverance, even if you don’t initially get the grades you want, it will be okay. There are retake and appeal systems you can go through, as well as the other points mentioned above.

Keep working hard for what you want, and I promise that you will get there! No matter what it says in that envelope tomorrow.

Not sure if university is right for you? Read our article ‘Should I go to university? An interview with two people who chose differently‘.

How worried are you about your A Level results? Leave a comment below!

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